10 Ways to Get Online Coupons

Couponing is without doubt a very good way of saving on your grocery expenditure. If you are not using online coupons, then you are missing out on a good way of great savings on your online purchases and much more. The secret is knowing where and how to find the online coupons. While some coupons are hidden, you would be surprised that some coupons are in plain sight of your favorite online shopping website.

Below is a run down of 10 tips of getting online coupons:

1. Visit Manufacturers’ Sites

Start by making and regularly updating the list of the products that are in your pantry and medicine cabinet. With your elaborate list, head to various manufacturing sites in search of coupons for the specific products and much more. Many manufacturers have coupons on their websites and you will be able to collect several coupons through this method. Other manufacturers will reward you for signing up for their newsletter or taking part in their online surveys on their various products. Go ahead and sign up for that newsletter or take part in their easy surveys and you will be on your way to getting their coupons.

2. Visit Retailers’ Sites

Retailer websites are favorite locations of finding online coupons for many couponers. Retailers have different deals and offers that they often post in the form of coupon codes at the top of their homepages although others are more hidden. When visiting these sites, always take note of the codes before moving from the webpage with the coupon because you may not find it upon checkout. Always look for the best offers before making a decision on whether to use the coupons or not. Many retailers offer discounts in the 10-20% range but it is advisable to hold on for a higher discount of even up to 40%. Take your time, visit several sites and you will get great offers.

3. Coupon Sites

Do you know that many of the coupons you find on your newspaper can be found online too? Now you know. The secret lies in visiting coupon sites that are dedicated to providing coupons. These sites, apart from posting a list of exclusive coupon codes, occasionally post online coupons that retailers are promoting on their respective sites. These sites offer you coupon codes that you may not find anywhere else since they have collaborated with various retailers to offer the special discounts.

4. Official Facebook and Twitter Pages

Many retailers and manufacturers have official social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Find the brands and retailers that you like or use the most and follow or like their pages. In many cases, this may be the only way to getting a coupon. Other retailers use their pages to launch new deals and offers, and this is an ideal avenue for getting higher value online coupons.

5. Customer Care Service

Calling the customer care service to inquire for unpublished coupons is a good way of securing online coupons. You may be surprised at the discounts you will be offered.

6. E-mail Alerts

Signing up for email alerts of your retailers will help you to receive notifications of special offers and even coupons. Many of the codes via email are universal but occasionally, retailers send exclusive coupons codes for one time use. To avoid your email filling up with retailer notifications, create a separate email, specifically, for these emails and you are good to go.

7. Ads

When visiting grocery sites, deal blogs and websites, always be on the look out for coupons and offers. These are important locations that you can easily access great discounts. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

8. Write and Ask For Coupon Codes

Write to your product manufacturer and retailers and expressly ask for coupons that you are having difficulty finding through the above mentioned methods. It only takes few minutes to contact the company through its contact form. You will most likely get a response and a coupon code if it is available

9. Ask Friends

Your friends may be great couponers and they can offer important tips on how and where they get their online coupons. Ask them and you will gain even more insights.

10. Timing

There are various times of the year when it is easy to get coupons. During festive seasons, first of the month, August to October (get back to school offers) and early in the week are important times of getting coupons.