The Philosophy of Peer Learning

The process by which students interact and learn from each other is called peer learning. One fantastic feature of the philosophy of peer learning is that no one student in the group is given complete authority. The reason behind this that students themselves are capable of interacting with each other efficiently and sharing their ideas without having to depend on a central figure to impose control.

Why is peer learning important

It is a common known fact that peer learning is not an undifferentiated education method. It in fact sweeps a broad number of activities. Researchers have identified at least 10 different peer learning models . One of these is the Proctor model, in which the senior students tutor the junior student. Another model is the learning cells model in which students of the same batch form partnerships to help each other both with personal concerns as well as course material. The other models involve seminars, discussions, private study groups, counseling and peer assessment .

The potential of peer to peer learning

A recent study by Spiqy showed, the potential of peer to peer learning is being recognized by institutions. The students seem to learn well by participating in activities and explaining their ideas to their friends. This helps them to develop and organize skills and learn to work in collaboration with others. The process of giving as well as receiving feedback and evaluating themselves have really improved and boosted the morale of the students. However, peer learning is increasingly becoming popular amongst many schools and courses and are being readily adopted.

Discrepancies in peer to peer learning

If the practice of peer learning is examined carefully, one is sure to find lots of discrepancies in the practice. One such discrepancy is that the practice is introduced in an ad hoc way. This system really confuses the student makes him unfamiliar, with what it is that he is supposed to be doing. However , the pros outweigh the cons.

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