Day: September 15, 2021

Types of Commercial CleanersTypes of Commercial Cleaners

commercial cleaners

Commercial cleaners are hired by businesses or individuals to do various cleaning tasks at their establishment. These businesses employ a range of employees such as cleaners, maintenance workers, and chefs to help with the upkeep and cleaning of various business properties. These people perform a range of tasks that include cleaning windows, cleaning floors, washing rooms, vending machines, and much more. In addition to the main job, these cleaners must also keep the business fully stocked, ensure that everything is sanitized, and ensure that the premises are well kept up to date.

How to Choose Types of Commercial Cleaners

The type of services that commercial cleaners provide usually depends on what the company needs the cleaners to do. If there are numerous people working in one establishment, then there may be different duties that need to be done. A business may ask for the services of a general cleaner to clear out the workstations and eliminate any trash, and then apply sanitizer to all surfaces, vending machines, and equipment. The maintenance workers will be responsible for sweeping and mopping the floors and providing sanitizing solutions for the restrooms and other areas. Vending machines will often be cleaned by the janitorial staff, and window displays may need to be sanitized and washed.

There are many different types of cleaning equipment used by commercial cleaners. For example, some offices have regular vacuums, while others have truck-mounted vacuums. The size of the business and its specific cleaning needs will determine what kind of commercial cleaners are used. Some of the most common types of cleaning equipment are carpet cleaners, floor strippers, power washers, and most importantly, sanitizing solutions. Truck mounted vacuums are ideal for businesses that have a wide area to clean, including outdoor areas. The most common use for truck mount vacuums is to clean carpets, though they can also be used to clear parking lots, floors, and windows.