House and Land Packages For First Home Buyers

Financing a House and Land Packages are a Two-step process. First, the land is bought with either a conventional mortgage or an ecotrader-type loan using real estate as collateral. Next, the property is built using a building loan, most often from a major nationwide lender. Finally, the financing is done for the property through a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. This allows investors to receive the proceeds from the sale of a home while avoiding the expense of a traditional mortgage.

How to choose best House and Land Packages For First Home Buyers

house and land packages


House and land packages are ideal for investors who are interested in creating a piece of property for personal use. Real estate is a high-priced investment but a house can be bought at a reasonable price and held as a rental or leasehold property. An investor can then live in the house as a means of earning passive income. A house and land package provide an affordable way to purchase a piece of property without all the hassles of traditional mortgage loans.

Investors can obtain either a House and land package or a Real Estate Investing Mortgage for their first home. A house and land package will also provide the necessary financing for the purchase of a property and also help investors avoid the high costs associated with purchasing a property directly from a bank. Investors have a number of options available to them when it comes to purchasing a house and land package. Investors can purchase vacant land from a developer directly. Alternatively, they can partner with a developer to purchase a piece of land from which the developer can construct a house.

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