Live Traffic Feed for Akash Pari, Tantra Yoga’s Secret Ancient Teachings Revealed

This tantrakundalini sutra says to be the very best explanation for why the concept of tantra yoni massage is very important for the modern man who seeks sexual pleasure and fulfillment in this lifetime. The primary aim of these tantra rituals is to aid the human being in achieving this state. In tantra, the human being is yoked (coaxed) by two primary tantric deities – Shiva and Shakti. With the help of these deities the human being can attain higher knowledge (ashta), which will aid him in attaining higher knowledge (nishchitartham). When one attains nishchitartham, he is then able to use his intelligence (pravda) to create his own desires (vyatya). The following text explains why the tantra massage should be done with tantra yoni massage.

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With this short extract we can now say that with this live traffic feed for Akash Pari, it is possible to have an insight into the secret ancient teachings of the tantra masters. I invite all seekers of tantra to please consider this idea and give it a try. I know of at least three people who have already benefited from this. My motive is purely symbolic as the simple truth is that this concept (tantra yoga} is not limited to one gender.

In my next post, I shall explain how one can use this concept of tantra yoni massage in their everyday lives. Please note that this concept of this yoni massage is not new and I am sure you will agree with me when I say that it is very old and ancient. I invite you to visit my blog for further details on this and other tantra concepts. Om Shanti Om.

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