Video Conferencing Equipment Solutions for Large Groups

When it comes to video conferencing, you really do have to compare apples to apples. While the cost for video conference FTG equipment may be lower than conventional landline and cable connections, it’s also much less reliable, with far fewer features and reliability. And when a video conferencing call cuts out, you’re usually out of luck, since your data connection is not very reliable either. But there are several options that can improve the video conferencing and introduce some better features you can use in your own conference calls.

Don’t Fall For This Video Conferencing Equipment Scam

One of the best video conferencing equipment that can be used for smaller groups is the Icon 300, which has become one of the most popular conference rooms for businesses. The Icon 300 can accommodate up to 300 people and is perfect for smaller meeting rooms that are separated by a wall. Lifestyle Icon 300 with whiteboard. The Lifestyle Icon300 with whiteboard is a versatile solution for all sorts of small-group gatherings. You get a sturdy whiteboard with large white area, flexible monitor riser, large LCD screen, projector arm and enough room for large-scale graphics, and audio/visual ports for connecting other devices such as webcams.

For large groups, the Icon 3000 from Vistaprint can provide a high-quality video conferencing equipment solution that allows you to create a virtual meeting room from anywhere in the world. The group 700 from Vistaprint also has high-quality cameras for high-quality visual collaboration with the group. The Group 700 is available with an optional projector and screen and includes everything needed for a large group meeting including seating, projector, display, microphone, and high-quality remote control for easy use. The company also offers a comprehensive document sharing program, so your group can easily share presentations with each other. The Group 700 has a full-service document distributor, so no matter what type of document you’re looking to get shared, they can set you up.

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